Freight Control through Smart Planning

Planimatik is a planning first TMS that enables shippers to have end-to-end control over the whole shipping process. With easy to use tools and workflow, shippers can now master every stage.


Freight planning made simple & transparent

We're not changing your rules, providers, or workflow; we simply want to make your shipping process more comprehensive.

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Values that
move us

Planimatik prioritizes efficiency in all aspects of its operations. By streamlining logistics processes and providing a user-friendly platform, we aim to help shippers save time and resources, ultimately enhancing productivity and profitability.


We ensure transparency, safeguard your privacy, and make information clear and accessible.


We value the transformative power of data to make informed, and intelligent decisions.

Customer Centricity
Customer Centricity

We place your needs at the heart of our technology development.


We listen, we value your feedback, and we evolve our platform based on your insights.

Where care meets innovation

At Planimatik, we're more than just a team; we're passionate advocates for the transformative power of smart planning in the shipping industry.

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Fernando Correa
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Gustavo Medina
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Natalia Aristizabal
HR Director
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Juan Piedrahita
Growth Director
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Camilo Ronderos
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Sandra Arcila
SaaS Director
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Andreina Rangel
Operations SaaS Director
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UX Manager
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Raul Mendoza
Product Manager
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Fernando Marcelo
Project Manager

Innovation at the core

Planimatik, developed by Cargobot, an international digital freight company, is connected to Cargobot's digital marketplace. This marketplace offers extra freight brokerage services, providing customers with additional shipping capacity.

Instant impact, no complexity

At Planimatik, we're dedicated to delivering immediate results and simplifying your logistics experience. With our strategic planning solution, you'll regain control over your shipping operations without the extra hassle.

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User-friendly features designed to streamline your workflow.

15 %

Average reducing in shipping costs within the first three months of implementation.

100 %

Maximize control and visibility in your freight operations.

Save time and money with planning-first shipping optimization

Shipping has never been easier with our platform. Start getting a hold of your freight logistics with visual and plan-ready features for your company.