Planimatik’s Masterplanning offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to freight management that goes beyond optimizing your operations to enhancing your relationships with brokers and carriers. It strengthens your existing partnerships while enabling you to establish new and competitive connections by facilitating seamless communication and collaboration to drive mutual success.

Planimatik’s Masterplanning is a unique and distinct approach that sets us apart from traditional Transportation Management Systems (TMS). While TMS platforms primarily focus on day-to-day operations and logistics execution, our software brings a new level of depth and efficiency to freight management. By integrating strategic planning into the core of our platform, we empower businesses to develop longer-term strategies that result in improved performance, enhanced cost efficiency, and streamlined operations.

But it’s not only what Planimatik does, it’s how it does it. Everything has been designed with a focus on simplicity. After all, who needs complexity and unnecessary hurdles? The simpler the software, the more it will be used and embraced. To achieve this we use “Digital Minimalism” to seamlessly streamline the planning process, making it intuitive or easy to follow step-by-step.

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So, say goodbye to complex processes and hello to simplicity, efficiency, and growth.

Unlock the true potential of your operations while enhancing your relationships with brokers and carriers. Discover the difference with our intuitive software solution.
It’s at your fingertips. 


Our Collaborative Approach

Digital Freight MasterPlans are the output of Masterplanning. Therefore, our philosophy is that it is absolutely essential that this be done collaboratively with our clients. 

This is our process:

Listening & Understanding

We begin by listening attentively to gain a deep understanding of your company's transportation needs and your existing freight management systems. By actively listening to your requirements and challenges, we gather valuable insights into your existing freight management system.


Productivity Assessment

Working closely with you, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current planning tools. This collaborative process allows us to identify areas for improvement and determine how to increase productivity within your freight operations. We analyze your existing systems to develop a strategic plan that aligns with your goals.


Customized Masterplanning Toolbox

Based on our analysis and collaboration, we create a customized Masterplanning toolbox specifically designed to elevate your freight management to new heights. This toolbox incorporates our innovative software solutions, optimized to address your unique requirements and maximize efficiency while minimizing cost.


Continuous Support and Responsiveness

Throughout our collaboration, we maintain regular communication and stay in close touch. We are committed to being responsive to your evolving needs and providing ongoing support. By building a strong partnership based on trust, we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver long-term success.


Simply put, by doing the above, Planimatik enables you to do the right things right; first time and in less time.

 An important part of this is to eliminate, as far as possible, the need to spend unnecessary time addressing the pain points across your transportation system. In fact, you could say that we’re dedicated to turning pain points into gain points. Gain points refer to all the points in the process that can be tapped into to increase productivity and profitability.