• Why is Freight Management so important to Shippers?

    Freight Management is a key determinant of business performance because it ensures the smooth flow of materials, products, and information throughout the company's supply chains. Poor shipping practices negatively impact the customer's impression of the company and significantly hurt its bottom line.

  • What’s the difference between traditional Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and Planimatik's Masterplanning approach?

    While TMS focuses primarily on day-to-day operations and logistics execution, Planimatik's Masterplanning goes beyond that. It integrates day-to-day planning

    with higher-level strategic solutions that work to optimize the company's entire transportation system. In other words, Planimatik's Masterplanning empowers businesses to not only manage their immediate shipping needs but to also strategically plan for long-term success.

  • Who is Planimatik’s Masterplanning made for?

    Planimatik has been specifically built for Shippers and their Freight Managers across large, medium and small companies. Shippers see freight transportation as a means to an end – less cost, more profit. The more value the Freight Managers add, the more valuable they become to the organization.

  • How does Masterplanning affect the attainment of Company goals?

    Freight Management has become ever more important to the attainment of a company’s goals. Yet, as we say, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”. Planning is it. Everything else follows. When planning is supercharged, freight organization, management and control are taken to the next level.

  • Is there a gap in the market for Planimatik?

    Absolutely. Shippers often rely on multiple providers (Brokers and Carriers) because no one is addressing their needs comprehensively. Planimatik fills this gap by specializing in one thing: Freight Masterplanning. We are not just another "Freight Management Company." Our focused expertise and dedicated approach set us apart as a “Freight Masterplanning Company.”

    While generalists may offer a range of services, we have honed our skills and developed a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in masterplanning freight operations. By prioritizing strategic planning, we deliver a level of service that sets us apart in the market.

  • There are so many factors – many uncontrollable – that go into making the right decisions. It’s complex. How does Planimatik make it simple?

    Our software is based on the principle of “digital minimalism.” This enables our technology to strip away the clutter surrounding a specific Freight Planning problem/opportunity in order to produce the optimal solution. Further, we make our software intuitive, making it easy to follow without having to stop and think before taking the next step.

  • Out of pure interest, why did you call your Freight Masterplanning Company “Planimatik”?

    That’s not a frequently asked question actually! The name is an amalgamation of three parts. “Plan” for planning [our area of mastery], “I” for intuitive [user-friendly software] and “Matik” which stands for automated, enhanced solutions.

    We’re here to answer your every question. But there is nothing like experiencing Planimatik’s Masterplanning.