Through our parent company, Cargobot, we’ve worked with over 500 shipper clients since 2016. As a result we have modernized one of America’s most vital industries. Now, based on our invaluable learnings, we’re propelling the industry forward by introducing a digital freight service that is totally dedicated to doing one thing and one thing only, Digital Freight Strategic Planning. Traditional freight planning is mainly tactical. It focuses on day-to-day operations.

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In addition to our basic services, we specialize in providing access to tools that will give you higher-level strategic services that make a lasting difference to your company's transportation system as a whole.

Our dedicated team of tech enthusiasts will never  stop redefining the boundaries of digital freight solutions. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and passion have shaped Planimatik into the game-changing solution that it is today.

In conclusion, this means that Planimatik will increasingly enhance a company’s success. Beyond that, Masterplanning will make a Freight Manager's work more rewarding while also enabling them to reclaim some of their precious time and enhance their personal well-being.